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What's your view on Berlin?

Urban projects as part of the economy

Europe in Berlin?

I am a Berliner, more and more people say that, even if only for a short phase of their lives. What moves them to Berlin? And for how long?

Possible questions during the conversation:

What drew you to Berlin?
Which of your expectations have been fulfilled? Which not?
Did Berlin welcome you?
What was the job search like?
How hard was it to find an apartment?
How many hurdles has the Berlin bureaucracy set?
Can you imagine starting a family in Berlin?
How do you see Berlin compared to other cities in Europe or the world?
In terms of quality of life and costs?
What do you like best in Berlin?
What is bothering you in Berlin?
Do you want to stay longer in Berlin?
What other city would you like otherwise?
How do you see the development of property prices?
Do you experience problems betweeen New Berliners and Berlin-Berliners?
Do you see yourself as a pioneer or gentrifier?
Do you experience English as a common language?
Could Berlin be a model for European coexistence?
How do you see the conditions for self-employed people, cultural workers and start-ups in Berlin?
Has the change of government brought about a change?
What do you think of the revolutionary spirit in Berlin?
What has changed in the past few years? Do you dare a forecast?